Monday, November 4, 2013

PLPR conference to host a Mare Nostrum roundtable on coastline regulation and land management

The eighth annual conference of the International Academic Association for Planning, Law and Property Rights (PLPR), to take place in Haifa on February 11-14 2014, will include a special roundtable on coastline regulation and land management, as part of the EU-funded Mare Nostrum Project.

The PLPR 2014 Conference will be held over two and a half days, and will include optional workshops over the two days before the conference begins.

The addition of the preliminary workshop days is an innovation with regard to previous PLPR conferences, and will focus on current challenges in the realm of planning, law and property rights. Participants will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas with Israeli decision-makers, NGOs and professionals, and will visit relevant sites. Following the tradition of previous PLPR conferences, PhD students will be invited to take part in a special mentoring and interaction forum.

Those interested in participating in the roundtable are invited to send abstracts to the conference’s organizers.

On the Friday following the conference, participants may join a planning tour of Haifa and the nearby Druze Arab villages, Isfiya and Daliyat al-Karmel, located in the scenic Mount Carmel coastal range.

The International Academic Association on Planning, Law and Property Rights (PLPR) has as its mission:

  •  To serve as an academic peer group for research in the field. Usually, faculty members in planning schools who do research in this area lack a large enough peer group with whom to discuss their research and obtain useful comments. 
  • To promote research with a cross-national comparative perspective so as to enable exchange of knowledge that is so lacking in the current state of research.
  • To exchange approaches and methods in the teaching of planning law to planning students so as to improve this essential area.
  • To support young academics researching in the fields of planning, law, and property rights.

Previous annual PLPR conferences have been held in Portland (2013), Belfast (2012), Edmonton (2011), Dortmund (2010), Aalborg (2009) and Warsaw (2008).

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